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Rigorous data analysis by internal research teams and independent statisticians has enabled us to build credible assessment tools that integrate into the most modern and effective methods in the marketplace.
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Compliance Isn’t Commonplace

Our products are safe to use by national and international standards because we’ve invested the time and resources necessary in more than three decades of research. You are assured TTI SI assessments are just as legally sound as they are accurate and effective.

A 2014 study concluded there is no evidence to suggest that any TTI SI assessments could have an adverse impact with regard to gender, race, disability or veteran status. All subgroups were EEOC compliant, well within the guideline of 80 percent, and well within the first standard deviation from the population mean.

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Reliable Around the World

Our latest reliability study of TTI Success Insights’ Style Insights® and Motivation Insights® assessments was released in August 2017.

Based on the findings in this study as compared to industry standards, one may conclude the style & motivation insights assessments show evidence of internal consistency, which is one key piece of assessment reliability.

Style Insights® 2017
Reliability Study

Motivation Insights® 2017
Reliability Study

Talent Insights® 2017
Reliability Study